Why Relationships Should Be ‘Hell Yeah or No’


Krystal Baugher. A few months ago I thought I wanted a meaningful and deep relationship—and though that might be true, I decided to take a break from seriously searching for it. I know, I know, all the hippie dippy people are screaming at me right now, telling me how I need to put out the energy of what I want into the world , or some mumbo jumbo that may or may not actually work. When we think about living the lives that we are truly passionate about and that we can truly be our happiest in, I imagine traveling the world with a lover one month then coming back to my badass apartment, where I live alone, followed by a lovely evening out on the town with my other lover the following week. My friends are my lovers and no one is necessarily on a higher priority scale than anyone else. And sometimes it takes people longer to find that special someone or someones than it does others. We have to accept ourselves and our wants and needs. Then all the other stuff will fall into place around it. Krystal Baugher lives in Denver, Colorado. She is the founder of Go Eat a Carrot , a website dedicated to exploring the worlds of pleasure and politics.

The Paradox Of Choice

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Many singles try to date as many people as possible as to not miss out When you aren’t saying “hell yeah” to the person you’re dating, and.

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That would be amazing! Hell yeah!! The ideology is perfect for anyone whose position involves managing plentiful demands on their time and attention. The Law of Fuck Yes or No:. It is a temporary place. Any live in fuck yes enough is in transition on route to either indisputable fuck yes, or no. But neither the there yet. As far as I can tell, fuck yes enough is the highest status you can give anyone new that you meet.

It motto basically fuck yes, but without hell unwavering certainty, which importantly makes it a more forgiving standard. Too many people settle for less than fuck yes in their fuck and lives.

HELL YES! or No: A Simple Decision Hack for a Happier Life

Those women will never be genuinely attracted to you, they are “kinda just settling because they haven’t found anyone better, or those that they liked unhealthy didn’t like them as much”. You may need to lower your unhealthy standards a lot, but eventually you will find a woman who will be “yeah yes! I slightly disagree because there is a quieter fuck yes with some examples because they feel like home to you.

They remind you of your best friend or your news who you love or someone else and you just feel so instantly comfortable that they don’t have to be the richest or most successful or yes yeah. In hindsight, I lost out on a lot of relationships that could have blossomed into being fucking counterintuitive.

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Every request to start a new project. Running things through a Hell Yes or No filter might be useful for those inundated with endless requests and opportunity. But more and more often, I hear people using this applying this filter to first dates and romantic encounters. A filter, by definition, must filter. And what gets filtered out with Hell Yes or No is the beautiful, tangled web of uncertainty and surprise. It may stack the odds toward favorable returns on time, but by using this filter as a default for romantic decision making, we run a larger risk than wasted energy.

We risk the element of surprise. We avoid wading into the murky waters of risk where we can discover the unexpected. Because, frustrating enough, inspiration follows action. And when I think about the big decisions that reset the course of my life, none of them were illuminated by a big Hell Yes or No sign. The bigger payoffs came from the biggest risks. And the glow of Hell Yes was only there in hindsight. When I met my wife, I felt more of a gravitational tilt than a binary decision.

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Saying yes to less is the way out. The Hell Yeah rule can be applied to business, by all means, but it can also be used in every day life. Keeping the focus on relationships for the moment, Mark hits the nail on the head with just how frustrating and confusing that grey area of dating can be, when we we are struggling to work out someone’s feelings, when we don’t know we stand with someone, when we’re straddling that line between constantly analysing their behaviour and actually behaving, living, and enjoying a relationship together.

fuck yes and no. It is the highest threshold that anyone new you are dating can meet. The Law of Hell Yeah or No according to Sivers.

And visa versa if your reaction to being with someone is anything less than a fuck yes. Even the small decisions matter because at the end of the day our most limited resource in life is time. Sure you showed up but unless you were properly engaged in and enjoying the activity chances are you wasted your time by going in the first place and would have been far better off saving yourself for something else you do really want to do.

It can be financially rewarding to wait for a fuck yes from others too. I asked my recruiter if they would go up to that amount and she said no. I want whoever I work for to be excited about me working for them just as I want to be excited about working for them. Both because it will mean you say no to more things but also because it will help speed up your decision making process. At the age of 27 I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

The Hell Yeah or No, the Fuck Yes Or No: The New Mantra To Live By

We’ve entered the era of self-expressive romance. There’s no yes, there’s no maybe, there’s no “let’s stew on this for a few days. And when you find the rare Hell Yeah thing, you commit to it — sickness or health, bankruptcy or liquidity event, unshaven legs or ballgown, you commit hardcore.

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Every day is a step closer to that Christmas morning feeling. Be mindful of the law when you want to get involved with someone, pursue a new opportunity or friendship. There are countless benefits to living a hell yeah life. The uncertainty stems from doubt, which is to lack confidence or to call into question the truth. The law builds confidence.

The text messages without any set plans. The avoidance. The constant PR moves and crafted cancellation excuses. End the hoping, wishing and what ifs. Build confidence by setting personal boundaries. Saving yourself from half-hearted commitments. Or any decision where you may feel stuck, such as taking on a new project.

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